Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Poor Elderly Couple

While I was queuing up for casher in grocery store earlier today, I overheard the elderly couple in front of me arguing. They were arguing in Chinese about not being able to pay for the stuffs on their cart. They were talking in normal voice probably because they were confident that no one around could understand them. But, I understood Chinese well enough to snoop on them.

Basically, they were worried that they didn't have enough money to buy the stuffs in the cart. The total for their stuffs came to $23. The man slid his card (I couldn't tell if it was a credit or debit card) and the transaction was declined. He tried again and got declined again. They were forced to let go of some stuffs before the transaction was finally approved.

I didn't know where they got their money from, but seeing that they are from Asia, their children probably support them. It is customary in Asia for children to support their elderly parent.

I am from Asia likewise, and I will support my parents when they are ready to retire. I will do it without any hesitation not because I have to, but because I respect them and thankful for them slaving their prime years towards my well-being.

But, now I think I am the first generation along my family lineage to have the chance to not be a financial burden for my children, and I want to take that chance.

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